13:16 Sep 18 2023

A little peek behind the curtain at how datadesk.eco gets some of our... shall we say... crunchier data. Leave your APIs at the door!

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Refined Data

Data Desk is an investigative consultancy that uses high-spec data and advanced computational techniques to shine a light on the industries at the heart of the climate crises.

We work with media, academics and civil society to devise and deliver hard-hitting, targeted investigations and analysis to accelerate the energy transition.

The material economy is back — we hold it to account.

A gas processing plant near Tarko-Sale, Russian Federation

Who We Are

We are Sam Leon and Louis Goddard.

Drawing on over 15 years’ experience in campaigning and journalism, we arm our clients with stories that shift the dial on public opinion and hard statistics that convince policymakers of the case for change.

Our approach to finding and developing stories is unique. It involves the latest industry knowledge, a deep understanding of the key datasets — satellite imagery, commodity tracking, leaks and other alternative data sources — and the technical skills to tame and interrogate them.

Oil storage tanks in Cushing, Oklahoma

Our Offer

  • Investigations — we find the stories that matter in difficult data. We have specialisms in the trade of climate-risk commodities: oil, coal, gas, beef and soy
  • Discovery — we gather hard-to-find data so that you can focus on analysis. We are experts in scouring satellite imagery, corporate records, trade data and leaks
  • Exploration — we work in a unique way, combining quick prototyping with analytical rigour, letting you probe large and complex datasets to find your story
  • Strategy — we advise organisations on establishing a data investigations function and making better use of digital sources in their research
  • Training — we can train your teams in the skills they need to carry out in-depth investigative research with digital sources

Deforestation in the state of Pará, Brazil

Our Work

  • Russian jet fuel — produced a series of high-impact investigations into Russia's invasion of Ukraine, including a major story on the supply chain for Russian military jet fuel, which was followed by the sale of a significant joint venture stake and a pending war crimes investigation
  • Brazilian beef — led highly complex data-driven research into deforestation, which formed the backbone of a flagship report revealing thousands of hectares of illegal clearance in the supply chains of major Brazilian beef companies, resulting in the removal of suppliers from industry whitelists and an inquiry by the Norwegian Government Pension Fund
  • British shell companies — achieved landmark reforms to the UK’s system of company registration through an influential campaign based on a unique, large scale analysis of the beneficial ownership register
  • Worked on dozens of other high-profile investigations, notably with The Times of London

The port of Novorossiysk, Russian Federation