Russia runs on rail

This map shows the movement of oil products by rail in Russia in 2022, based on rail freight dispatch data from Russian Railways (RZD). It's powered by Seafowl, an analytical database designed for modern, data-driven Web applications.

Use the controls (bottom-left) to explore the data. Refineries near departure stations are shown in yellow; military facilities near destination stations are shown in turquoise. Both are surfaced automatically based on their location and do not necessarily imply direct supply between facilities.

Data was provided by the Anti-Corruption Data Collective (ACDC). If you're a journalist, researcher or policymaker and require more detailed information on Russian oil product flows during the war in Ukraine, contact ACDC.

Suggested citation: ‘Russian runs on rail’ interactive map, Anti-Corruption Data Collective, <https://datadesk.eco/russian-rails> [accessed 22 April 2023].